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As a family-owned small distillery in Easternmost Finland

. . . we are proud to be independent and able to do things the way they should be done: with love and care.  
The idea for Kalevala was developed in 2012. Today a decade later the distillery has been expanded, production equipment has been upgraded more than once and our sales are now Europe wide. Despite growth and improvements, the most important things remain the same. Keeping to our key values of quality, integrity and passion, the Kalevala Distillery is producing organic spirits in the highest quality and in small batches.

100% handmade soap bar


Organic & Sustainable

When the idea for Kalevala was developed, it was very important to us that we work in a sustainable and ecological way. That is why we have ever since focused on organic Gin and Vodka.

We only use the best organic ingredients in production and even draw the water from our own well. We are still working very artisanally in our small distillery in the middle of nature between birch and fir trees.

Since 2020 Kalevala is part of the Partner network of North Karelian Biosphere Reserve in Finland. We are one of 714 Biosphere reserves in the network of UNESCOs Biosphere Reserve. With all these actions, we want to make our small contribution to create a more sustainable future. 


Driven by his constant curiosity and wide-ranging interest

. . . the young half Finnish, half German Moritz Wüstenberg started distilling his own spirits in the garage of his mothers home while studying to become a chemical engineer.

The history of his maternal home town of Kitee (a renowned bootlegging center during the era of prohibition in the 1930´s) aroused an unconscious passion for the world of spirits.
2012 Moritz set-up his own small distillery in a disused barn. Whenever time permitted, Moritz was found toying with his beloved stills and developing new ideas.

By 2014, it was time to get distilling for real… Kalevala was born.  

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