Kalevala London Dry Gin
Kalevala London Dry Gin

Kalevala London Dry Gin

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Production and ingredients

The original Kalevala Gin, an ode to Juniper.

Whereas contemporary Gin is booming in its many variations, our distilled Gin is true to traditions and has a full Juniper taste. Gin as it should be.

At 46,3% abv the taste characteristics of this Gin unfold perfectly.

In our London Dry Gin, juniper is the star of the show, as it should be with a true London Dry. A good quantity of ground juniper is added to the wheat base, with additions of ginger and orange peel following later.

Selected fresh herbs, mint, rosebud, raspberry leaf and rosemary, are placed in a tray just below the still’s “head”. Now a slow distillation at low heat is run over some twelve hours to collect all the delicate flavours.

Tasting notes
Sweet and fresh, with a full juniper body followed by fresh mint and rosemary. Sophisticated and smooth, this spirit has hints of pine, raspberry and rose.
A full and refined spirit, that balances the sweet juniper with a citrus finish that inclu-
des warm ginger notes.

Perfect serve
Martini Cocktail, Gin & Tonic