Kalevala Ruby Gin
Kalevala Ruby Gin

Kalevala Ruby Gin

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Production and ingredients
Using our London Dry Gin as the base for this gin, the real magic takes place here
after the distillation. Prior to blending with water, the distillate is transferred to a vessel
in which it is married with real cranberries and bilberries for a full two weeks. This marriage (or maceration) gives our Ruby Gin its distinct fruity and yet dry taste as well as its colour. Once the time is up, the distillate is filtered prior to being blended with water from our own well to drinking strength.

Tasting notes
Due to the bright red color, you expect a full & sweet berry flavour. But this gin is more
subtle, with almost earthy berry notes and an outbalanced juniper body.

Perfect serve
With a premium tonic water and a lemon zest